Advertising flags, sometimes referred to as teardrop banners, are used as effective marketing tools to attract more people towards products, services, causes, or events.

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If you wish to increase the number of people visiting your business or the number of people participating in your events, advertising flags are the marketing tool for you.

It might be the best promotion you've ever done for your business!


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Advertise Through Teardrop Signs

Advertising flags become one of the most popular and easiest means of advertising a company’s products and services, and this is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to build a great and famous business name in the industry. One of the best creators of advertising flags such as these is BigTop Shades, a company whose line of business is to design these advertising flags, and it aims to change the face of portable branding and advertising. And because this business continue to work on improving their existing products and banner designs with the use of even lighter but stronger fabric and components, and the use of improved printing technology, but most importantly, to meet a particular company’s unique branding needs.

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A Frames for Outdoor Advertising

A Frames are fast and efficient to assemble advertising boards that can produce immediate visibility for any outdoor branding opportunity. A Frames take only seconds to assemble and “Pop Up”, they are so easy to assemble due to their use of durable lightweight materials and completely foldable frame. This creates a perfectly portable advertising banner for branding your business at events.

They are designed to be weatherproof and able to withstand the elements. While being colourfast and completely washable making them ideal for use outside. The printing and colour choices are customisable and your image can be printed on both sides with the ability to have a different image printed on each.

These features make A Frames perfect for fairs, school events, sporting events, the beach, or just about any outdoor location where there is an advertising opportunity.

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Using advertising flags to promote your business

As a business owner there is simply nothing more important than advertising and brand awareness. It is after all this that brings attracts and brings in all of your new clientele and it is these clients that increase the amount of revenue that you make. The main difficulty with advertising is trying to balance the amount of money that you spend on it compared to the amount of clients that the advertising brings in. Obviously, as a company owner you want to spend the minimum amount possible to bring in the maximum amount of customers which is no easy task.

Using Teardrop Banners can be a fantastic way to attract new customers to your business and for a relatively small outlay. These eye catching flags can be purchased in a variety of different sizes and styles meaning that there should be something to suit every company out there. Obviously, the cost of the promotional flags can vary quite drastically depending on their size and the material that you have them crafted from. However, as there are now so many different manufacturers that make these advertising tools the prices of them are far more competitive than ever before. This means that even the smallest start up company should be able to afford an advertising flag to help their business grow.

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How Advertising Flags Can Help Smaller Businesses

If TV and newspaper advertising are stretching your marketing budget, banner advertising is an alternative. Small businesses often use these banners along their pavements and in places where banner advertising is permitted, such as sponsored events and expos.

Advertising flags are eye-catching shapes that draw in a great response from consumers.  There are a lot of designs and colors you can choose from, and the banners printing is fully customisable.

With the versatility to be used indoors or even better outdoors where walkers by will catch a glimpse of these bright, attention seeking advertising flags, your business or event’s message will surely gain exposure!

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Are Advertising Flags For You?

There are many ways to market the product and services your organization offers. Doing it through signage advertising has proven to be very effective.

For large companies display signage is perfect to accompany Radio and Internet marketing advertising, with more expensive forms as advertising out of reach of the budget of the average small business advertising flags can be a great promotional tool.

To cope with the times and to show a little marketing savvy, use advertising flags. Hundreds of other happy companies have found them effective – help your own business TODAY!

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